Thursday, 26 July 2012

18th Century Old Map of Devonshire by Herman Moll

Detailed and highly decorative early 18th century map of Devonshire by Herman Moll.

Probably from the second edition of A New Description of England and Wales dated circa 1724. Features archeological and historical illustrations to the borders.

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Originally belived to be Dutch engraver, Moll's exact place of origin is unknown, although his birth year is generally accepted to be the year 1654. He came to England about 1678 and by the end of the seventeenth century had set up his own business and become a leading geographer and publisher. He produced many maps of all parts of the world, ranging from roads to continents and was associated with Greenville Collins and John Seller. He produced maps from his studies of the work of other cartographers. Due to his important work in Netherlands' cartography and the fact that he undertook a journey in his late years on behalf of the Netherlands, it is assumed he originated from Amsterdam or Rotterdam. The name, "Moll" occurred not only in the Netherlands however but also in the northern part of Germany.

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