Thursday, 15 March 2018

18th Century Chart of Spanish Armada by John Pine

Spanish Armada off Plymouth Sound by John Pine

Title: Plate IV ‘De Valdez’s Galleon springs her Foremast, and is taken by Sir Francis Drake. The Lord-Admiral with the Bear and Mary Rose, pursue the Enemy, who are in the Form of a Half Moon.’
Publication: ‘The Tapestry Hangings in the House of Lords’.

Date: June 24, 1739

Description: Spanish Armada engaged by the British in Plymouth Sound with Sir Francis Drake in HMS Revenge. From The Tapestry Hangings of the House of Lords Representing the Engagements between the English and Spanish Fleets, in the year 1588. Engraved by John Pine, Drawn by C. Lempriere. London.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

USA and South America, Americae Mappa generalis by Homann

Beautifully hand coloured map of the Americas by Homman dated 1746.
Americae Mappa generalis Secundum legimitas projectionis Stereiographiae regulas MDCCXXXXVI. 

Very Decorative eighteenth century map of the American Continent, South and North, with detailed title cartouche.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

17th Century Antique Map of Cornwall by Morden

Possibly first edition circa 1695 from Camden's Britannia, features a 'A Table of ye Explanation of ye figures in ye Map' and a further key with the note 'Here Note ye in all ye Maps Thefe Marks Signifie' and a list of symbols representing, towns villages, castles etc.
Very decorative early map, ideal for framing.  Buy here: Cornwall Morden Map

South Devon 17th Century Chart - Capt. Greenville Collins

South Devon antique sea chart, Newton Ferrers to Exmouth, Capt. Greenville Collins, The British Coasting Pilot, c.1693
Hand coloured, highly decorative title cartouche depicting the landing of William of Orange at Torbay and the restitution of the Protestant monarchy.

Monday, 16 May 2016

18th Century map of India - North Hindustan including Bengal

A Map of the North Part of Hindostan or A Geographical Survey of the Provinces of Bengal, Bahar, Awd, Ellahabad, Agra and Delhi. by Major James Rennell F.R.S. Engineer Surveyor General to the Honourable the East India Company . . . 1794
An extensive map of North East India, 690 x 1055mm, 27 x 41.5" by James Rennell, very scarce.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Extensive 18th Century map of India, Bengal, Bahar etc

An Actual Survey of the Provinces Bengal, Behat, etc. by Major James Rennell F.R.S. Engineer Surveyor General to the Honourable the East India Company . . . 1794
An extensive antique map of North East India featuring the bay of Bengal by James Rennell, very scarce.
520 x 1400mm, original hand colouring.
See more detail here: antique map of North India

Major James Rennell FRS (3 December 1742 – 29 March 1830)
A geographer, historian and a pioneer of oceanography. The greatest of the early cartographers of India, he joined the Navy , but was lent to the East India Company and appointed Surveyor-General of Bengal in 1764 at the age of 21, retiring in 1777 after 13 years surveying.
The Bengal Atlas was published in 1779 and contained 21 maps and palns. His second great work was the construction of the first 'correct' map of the whole of India, first issued in 1782.
Map of Hindostan, 2 sheets, 1782 re-issued by Laurie and Whittle 1794.
Map of Bengal, Behar, Oude, Allahabad and part of Agra and Dehli, Dury 1776, re-issued Faden 1786, Laurie and Whittle 1796, Wyld 1824.
An Actual Survey of the Provinces Bengal, Behat, etc, Dury 1779, Laurie and Whittle 1794.
Map of the Provinces of Dehli, Agrah, Oude and Allahabad, Laurie and Whittle 1794.